Tuesday, 8 November 2016

We have been busy here in our shed...
Lots of people coming through and great feed back from every one,
which is good.

The Tea & Coffee is slowly happening...
We have a set menu 
Savoury muffin with chutney & sour cream
Choc Chia cake (GF)
Caramel Slice
With your choice of tea/coffee
and for only 

The vege garden has been a hit,
Seasonal fruit and vege for sale and also
plants in the green house for sale.

Lots of china in as well.
Also don't forget we have 
Vintage English China for hire.
Have a look at our site..

 Lots of new stock coming through the doors weekly,
so come down for a cuppa and see what is new...

Until Next Time
Mandy & Cassy

Monday, 22 August 2016

We Are Open.............

We have taken the plunge and re opened..

Cassy & Mandy

This time we are even bigger.
This is a real joint effort also not just me. Sitting around crafting one Friday we all began to chat about opening a shop....From there the idea was born..I am blessed to have some great friends that helped and encouraged me to start again....(Thanks girls Mel, Michelle and Cassy)...
Cassy has been thrown in the deep end and minds the shop on our busiest day Sunday while I am at markets.


We are open
Friday-Sunday 9;30-3pm.

Lots of soaps


In the 
Yarn Barn is a bigger and better selection of all things yarn...


Lots of second hand and vintage items as well.


The vege garden is a great place for a cuppa and cake...Also you 
can pick fresh herbs and salad greens.

Vege Garden

Another nice little spot to sit and take the country in.

Stop for a cuppa

Local produce is also available seasonally..
We have cauliflowers and cabbages at the moment fresh from 
DC Farms.
Lots of citrus from our own orchard that you can pick your self.

Fresh produce

With out my amazing Husband none of this would be possible.
Bruce has encouraged me, given up his shed for the shop and worked to clean, build and pull it all together.


Plus he gives up his weekends to help me at the markets...
I am truly blessed to have this man by my side.

Look forward to seeing you when you drop in...

Mandy & Cassy

Sunday, 17 July 2016


Been a busy time of markets and workshops here.

Lots of soap making and experimenting going on 
as well.

New lines in the beauty department as well.
Lip Balms (watermelon, vanilla, chocolate and plain)
Hand and body lotion
Beard balm.

Candle making workshops as well.

 The surprising part is.
We are opening our shop again.

Not in The Dairy though.

This time in our shed...
I dream for it to look like this..

At the moment it is more like this.
I won't be doing it all on my own as I have a friend that is going to help..

I have missed my little shop and am 
looking forward to reopening with my friend Cassie.

We are hoping to be open in 2 weeks so watch this space.


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

We Are Moving.

For the last 18 months I have met the most amazing people here at The Old Dairy.
Coffee groups have come and enjoyed the garden and food, we even made the local news.

Being interviewed by Win news.

With my youngest daughter getting married and moving away, I am going to need the time to travel to visit my family. 3 of my 4 daughters live away and also my eldest son.
My Family

Sometimes things need to change and closing the shop is one of those changes.
Every thing else will stay the same.

I am still going to do the markets and sell all the same quality goods I had at the Dairy.

I will continue to stock the Trap-Art yarn and other yarns.

 I am still going to make my candles.

The best part is 
I am going to run more workshops.

The first soap making work shop for the year is on
Sunday 3/4/16 from 2pm-4pm

I will also hold other workshops 
Personal care
and others.

A new soap Peppermint and Lavender.

The workshops will now be held at the house in a new area we have there at the Shed.
Lots more room so there is able to be more to a class.
Friday craft will still be on each Friday, just all at the house now.

What will I do with The Old Dairy I hear you ask?
Well my brother is now going to live there, it will make a perfect little Granny flat for him.

So make sure you drop in to my facebook page

and see what markets I will be at and what work shops are coming up.....


Monday, 22 February 2016

Making Soap.

We had a great day out at our local market on Sunday.
I had new soaps out and ready to go.

Here is a few of the new ones for 2016

Green tea and Lavender ..
Green tea has anti-bacterial benefits as well as being high in Vitim C,  We drink green tea so why not add it to our soap for health benefits. Lavender essential oil helps to alleviate stress and headaches.
With this combination this soap will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Lavender and Green tea.
Orange essential oil has been used for centuries as a treatment for acne, the scent of Orange oil also has a calming effect similar to Lavender. I thought I would mix all 3 together and what a great soap to start or finish your day with.

Lavender, Green tea and Orange.

I sometimes get asked if my soap will last as long as store bought soap?
Good question..Most commercially made soap is made using Palm oil and tallow predominantly these help to make a hard soap.
I use Coconut oil as my base which also gives a hard soap, coconut oil is softer on your skin, not to mention the benefits...which would be another whole blog post. My soap does not leave that fatty feel as commercial soap does. I also use Olive oil, rice bran, sweet almond, Castor and macadamia oils as well as shea butter.
My soaps are left 6 weeks minimum to cure as this also helps them to last longer.

 My handmade cold pressed soap is made right here on our farm, we are not a large factory churning out bar after bar of soap. Each batch I make  is thought out using the finest ingredients on hand.
We sell here at our on farm shop and at local markets...
When you buy my handmade soap you are buying local and allowing me to continue to do a craft that I love..


 Sandalwood soap...I am so happy with this soap, being a old hippy at heart Sandalwood is my absolute favorite scent...To make this soap that I feel smells as good as some of the imported soaps has been a triumph for me. The pure sandalwood powder is grown in Western Australia.

 Sandalwood has long been known for its effects on the mind and soul. Its not surprising it is used in aromatherapy to offer relief from stress, anxiety and depression.

Benefits in soap is.....Makes the skin supple, soothes the skin, Fights body odor and has anti-bacterial properties.
Whats not to like about this soap..

I am continuing to experiment with oils, powders and scents to bring you the finest soaps...If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment....

Have a great week...

Saturday, 13 February 2016

A Country Wedding....

If there one thing I love to do and that is decorate....
and when it is for my daughters wedding..........even more so.

The brief
A country wedding in our local hall.

Wedding was a day time wedding 11:30 for ceremony and 2:30 for reception.

Well we took this old Hall and made it shine...I must admit I have done this Hall a few times for weddings, so trying to make it different was a challenge.

Logs cut to hold simple jars of baby's breath down the isle.  Some hessian as a runner down the centre ...This was a surprise for the bride as Cassie really wanted a runner.

We put bales of hay for the bridal party to sit on as it was a hot day.
This worked out so well. 

Love the fact that Abby got a bit hungry and got some biscuits to share....

So it was very simple and
 the Bride and Groom took centre stage.

The reception was at another local hall over in the next valley.
As there was 135 guests we needed a larger hall.


Cassie wanted logs as center pieces on the table so that is where the whole theme evolved from.

Loved the name holders as little cowboy boots. They were also a gift for the guests to take home.
Again the flowers were very simple..

 As the reception was at 2:30pm Cassie chose to have a high tea...But she still wanted every one seated.
We choose to have each table set up with the high tea individually.

 It was a lot of work and yes we needed so many more cake stands for the tables....But it was a great way of doing it.

Yes even a log for the cake stand....

 Every thing was perfect 

I could enjoying doing this full time......