Saturday, 13 February 2016

A Country Wedding....

If there one thing I love to do and that is decorate....
and when it is for my daughters wedding..........even more so.

The brief
A country wedding in our local hall.

Wedding was a day time wedding 11:30 for ceremony and 2:30 for reception.

Well we took this old Hall and made it shine...I must admit I have done this Hall a few times for weddings, so trying to make it different was a challenge.

Logs cut to hold simple jars of baby's breath down the isle.  Some hessian as a runner down the centre ...This was a surprise for the bride as Cassie really wanted a runner.

We put bales of hay for the bridal party to sit on as it was a hot day.
This worked out so well. 

Love the fact that Abby got a bit hungry and got some biscuits to share....

So it was very simple and
 the Bride and Groom took centre stage.

The reception was at another local hall over in the next valley.
As there was 135 guests we needed a larger hall.


Cassie wanted logs as center pieces on the table so that is where the whole theme evolved from.

Loved the name holders as little cowboy boots. They were also a gift for the guests to take home.
Again the flowers were very simple..

 As the reception was at 2:30pm Cassie chose to have a high tea...But she still wanted every one seated.
We choose to have each table set up with the high tea individually.

 It was a lot of work and yes we needed so many more cake stands for the tables....But it was a great way of doing it.

Yes even a log for the cake stand....

 Every thing was perfect 

I could enjoying doing this full time......



  1. A truly creative and beautiful country wedding, with an exceptionally beautiful bride.

  2. Gorgeous country wedding. You must be very proud. Your decorating is just beautiful

  3. Gorgeous country wedding. You must be very proud. Your decorating is just beautiful

  4. How lovely, Mandy. Cassie would have been so happy.

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