Wednesday, 16 March 2016

We Are Moving.

For the last 18 months I have met the most amazing people here at The Old Dairy.
Coffee groups have come and enjoyed the garden and food, we even made the local news.

Being interviewed by Win news.

With my youngest daughter getting married and moving away, I am going to need the time to travel to visit my family. 3 of my 4 daughters live away and also my eldest son.
My Family

Sometimes things need to change and closing the shop is one of those changes.
Every thing else will stay the same.

I am still going to do the markets and sell all the same quality goods I had at the Dairy.

I will continue to stock the Trap-Art yarn and other yarns.

 I am still going to make my candles.

The best part is 
I am going to run more workshops.

The first soap making work shop for the year is on
Sunday 3/4/16 from 2pm-4pm

I will also hold other workshops 
Personal care
and others.

A new soap Peppermint and Lavender.

The workshops will now be held at the house in a new area we have there at the Shed.
Lots more room so there is able to be more to a class.
Friday craft will still be on each Friday, just all at the house now.

What will I do with The Old Dairy I hear you ask?
Well my brother is now going to live there, it will make a perfect little Granny flat for him.

So make sure you drop in to my facebook page

and see what markets I will be at and what work shops are coming up.....


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