Monday, 22 February 2016

Making Soap.

We had a great day out at our local market on Sunday.
I had new soaps out and ready to go.

Here is a few of the new ones for 2016

Green tea and Lavender ..
Green tea has anti-bacterial benefits as well as being high in Vitim C,  We drink green tea so why not add it to our soap for health benefits. Lavender essential oil helps to alleviate stress and headaches.
With this combination this soap will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Lavender and Green tea.
Orange essential oil has been used for centuries as a treatment for acne, the scent of Orange oil also has a calming effect similar to Lavender. I thought I would mix all 3 together and what a great soap to start or finish your day with.

Lavender, Green tea and Orange.

I sometimes get asked if my soap will last as long as store bought soap?
Good question..Most commercially made soap is made using Palm oil and tallow predominantly these help to make a hard soap.
I use Coconut oil as my base which also gives a hard soap, coconut oil is softer on your skin, not to mention the benefits...which would be another whole blog post. My soap does not leave that fatty feel as commercial soap does. I also use Olive oil, rice bran, sweet almond, Castor and macadamia oils as well as shea butter.
My soaps are left 6 weeks minimum to cure as this also helps them to last longer.

 My handmade cold pressed soap is made right here on our farm, we are not a large factory churning out bar after bar of soap. Each batch I make  is thought out using the finest ingredients on hand.
We sell here at our on farm shop and at local markets...
When you buy my handmade soap you are buying local and allowing me to continue to do a craft that I love..


 Sandalwood soap...I am so happy with this soap, being a old hippy at heart Sandalwood is my absolute favorite scent...To make this soap that I feel smells as good as some of the imported soaps has been a triumph for me. The pure sandalwood powder is grown in Western Australia.

 Sandalwood has long been known for its effects on the mind and soul. Its not surprising it is used in aromatherapy to offer relief from stress, anxiety and depression.

Benefits in soap is.....Makes the skin supple, soothes the skin, Fights body odor and has anti-bacterial properties.
Whats not to like about this soap..

I am continuing to experiment with oils, powders and scents to bring you the finest soaps...If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment....

Have a great week...


  1. Your soaps look lovely, Mandy. I just took some goats milk soap out of the mould this morning as Racheal lent me her goats milk soap mould after the soap making workshop on Saturday. They turned out really well not that the menfolk would care what the soap looks like just as long as there is some here to use. I just got a new loaf mould as I am keen to try swirling not that I ever intend to sell my soap but it is nice to try something new.

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