Monday, 16 November 2015

Coffee and Cake.....

Hello and welcome.
We have been getting some wonderful Spring rain and the garden here 
is alive with colour and smells.

New in we have weaving kits...
Every one is enjoying weaving at the moment.

If you don't want to weave your self I have some weaves for sale.

Had a great market at 
Toowoomba's Queens Park on Sunday.
The rain held of and it was a great day, one of the best markets I have done..

Also new to the market was my Dad with his wood work.

Lots of trap Art in before Christmas, over 50 different colours available, but be quick as they are going fast and I won't be getting any more until the new year.

We are now doing Coffee, Tea and cake so pop on in for a cuppa in the garden.

There is plenty of spots to sit and enjoy..

Have a great week.


Friday, 23 October 2015

Rearranging things........

Hi All
Thanks for dropping by.
Last week end saw us do our back to back markets.
Below is our market at Ipswich.
This is a handmade market with a lot of great stalls.
It is a big day for us though but worth it.

Sunday sees us doing Toowoomba Queens Park.
I love the vibe of this market, as you can see by the photo below I have different stuff for this market.....I have a lot more yarn...

On Thursday I decided to rearrange The Old Dairy.
I have a lot of yarn now and needed some new shelving to store it all on.
Below is a before shot.

The shelving is from Aldi and I love it...makes it so much
easier to see what there is.

The soaps and creams are still on the same bench.

A close up of the shelving display....

The 2nd room got things rearranged as well.

I love the table and chair under the window in this room, a nice spot for tea and cake.

 Well that all from here, I am going away for a few days to visit my daughter.

Enjoy your week


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Yarn yarn and more yarn......

Last time I was on this blog it was still Winter, well  now  Spring is well and truly here...

Some time ago I shared that I was stocking a new yarn called 
Trap Art.....

This is a t shirt yarn and great for baskets and rugs.....I am now doing the Toowoomba Queens Park markets and it has been a real hit there..Do you use it? What have you made ?

I have also become a supplier of Darn Good Yarn.
This yarn is made from recycled saris from woman in India...

There is so many different yarns from Banana fibre, silk and chiffon to name a few.

We have been making every thing from Spring scarves to handbags to baskets.

I am even using it in my weaving.

Friday craft is a real time of stopping and enjoying other women's company and learning new skills.
I know this is my favourite day of the week.

Saturday saw me host a group of ladies from Toowoomba that came down for 
Coffee & Cake

I know I enjoyed having them and I am pretty sure they enjoyed all that is on offer here.
From feeding the sheep to sitting and enjoying a coffee.

This Sunday I am running a 
Soap making demonstration....
Things are busy here at 
The Old Dairy....

Have a great week and keep crafting.


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Shed reveal.....

I am so amazed at what we have got done in the last week..

This Old Shed has had a major overhaul.
The area below is a outdoor kitchen, gravel floor and all.

Well with the help of our amazing Chek Republic backpackers it now has 
a new floor. These pavers are all being reused from another area that Micheal (below) pulled up as well.

To say I am happy with this is a understatement!!!!!
A outdoor kitchen somewhere for people to sit and have a cuppa....Also
This area is where I will be holding my Soap making classes, which will be starting here next week.

A nice big table to gather around for Friday Craft days..

Love the cool arrow I picked up and have hanging so people realise there 
is more out the back..

Remember last post and the mess in here?

Well it is a lot cleaner now.
Come in and have a look......

Bruce has put every-thing up on pellets....

You can now walk through here and see what is there.

Am I happy with what has been done...
Sure am
Thanks to a amazing Husband that takes my ideas and makes them a reality...

Till next 

Friday, 26 June 2015

The Shed........

Hi ya
Last night I did my first night market....
The atmosphere was fantastic..

Not a lot of people out though because it was too cold...
Next month it will be from 2-6 which for winter I think is better.

Today the winter sun is bright.
I have tidied up the farm gate to attract passing traffic as the Dairy is back off the road ..

A change is always good.

Today we have cleaned out the shed at the back of the dairy

Taking a break it's hard work moving all this gear.
                                          Poor Bruce he has done most of the work for me.

Looking forward to showing you what we have done.
Mind you any thing will be better as it was so full of gear you 
just couldn't move in there, never mind show people stuff.

Enjoy your week end, we will be back at it tomorrow...

See Ya

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Market Day

This weekend saw us at the Ipswich Handmade markets.
The weather was perfect and sunny.

Lots of great stalls this month
and lots of people about.

See Blue dog sitting there minding the stall for me.

Each month is different, this time I sold lots of wall hangers and
scarves and a shawl but no candles. Hahaa last month I sold heaps of candles.
This is what I love you never know what is going to sell so I try to take a little of everything.

I hope you enjoyed your week end


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Supplying Trap Art Yarn..........

Welcome to a new week here at 
The Old Dairy.

We have busy around here making lots of melts. At the moment
everyone wants them and I am making them weekly.

This photo was taken last month at the Ipswich Handmade Markets.
I will be there again this Saturday from 8-2pm.

I am pleased to announce that I am now supplying the wonderful 
Trap Art Yarn.
Trap art is a Spanish brand and product that is made with high quality
recycled textiles. You can use this yarn to crochet or knit by using the larger size 10-15ml 
needles or hook..I am using a 10 crochet hook but others here are using a 15.


This mat I am using the 10....I love the bright bold colours of this yarn.
Above is a sample of what I have in stock.

With the cold weather here we have been also making beanies. This one is made from Merino wool, I love all the colours in it. I am going to make a shawl from this as well.

The poncho below has felted embellishments front and back, it is
a amazing piece and is for sale for $60
The scarf is hand spined silk and mohair and is $40
They are both one off classic pieces

These pieces are made by
the very talented Maureen Winser a local artist and also my Mum.
Want a chance to meet Maureen and see more of her
work? Well she is looking after 
The Old Dairy for me on Saturday while I'm doing the Ipswich market.

Mum is not the only artist in the family,
next week I will introduce you to my Dad and show case some of his amazing work.

Until then 
Have a great week