Monday, 2 February 2015

Opening Night...

Thursday night was opening night of my little shop.
It went really well and I had about 30 people turn up.
I was so busy though that I forgot to take photos.

I had really good feed back from every one there, even the men!
All the hard work is done now and I can enjoy doing my arts and crafts
for my little shop and Markets.

I am still going to do the Markets as I really enjoy doing them.
If I get too busy in the shop for Bruce to handle then I will reconsider, but I think that is 
A long way off.

I got in lots of Washi Tape and am having fun with it and its selling very fast.
Also my Hippie Chic socks are walking out the door hahah I'm so funny.

I have also added some stitchery and Red work, we will see how they go.
The bottom 2 are cross stitches.

Thanks for stopping Bye.



  1. I will have to come and check out those socks, Mandy. All the best with your new venture AND new blog!

  2. Thanks, the socks are a real hit...Had a lady come down on Saturday that read your blog post on my little Dairy....I missed her though as Alanah was there and I was at the markets...

  3. Good luck with your new little business, I hope it is a great success.

    Wish I lived closer :)


  4. Congratulations on the shop opening, I was at the coast or I would have been there to help you celebrate a dream come true.
    Looks like fantastic fun.
    Trips to the Snshine coast are RESEARCH, you are constantly checking out what grabs your eye and what appeals to you and others, also display and marketing techniques are allways changing, so that has to be looked into and taken on board.
    Such hard work, but someone has to put in the hard yards to get the business up and running properly, retail is not static, soooo you will have to go again before long and do it all again to keep abreast of the current ideas for lovely comforting nourishing things we all need in our lives.