Monday, 16 February 2015

Cake Stands....

 This week I am making Cake Stands.
Below is a cup stand that has proven very popular.
They are all made from Good English China.
The cup Plate Stands are $15

 My problem is
I Love all the plates I have, yes all 100 plus of them.
Some are in the shop the rest are hiding in the house. Then 
I have to make a chioce what plates to use for stands.

The Cake Stand below I need to drill holes into
as yet I haven't broken any but it is still nerve wracking choosing what plates to use
in case I do.
These Stands are 

This week I am only open on Thursday 19th 
As we are doing a quick Road trip to Charters Towers for our Grandsons 2nd Birthday.

This Thursday is also our craft day
From 9:30 onwards.
We are all knitting and crocheting this week, so I have lots of new yarns in the shop

Enjoy your week
Make sure you take some time to do what you love...

Vintage wishes

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  1. Enjoy the trip to Charters Towers, Mandy. That is a long trip.