Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Yarn yarn and more yarn......

Last time I was on this blog it was still Winter, well  now  Spring is well and truly here...

Some time ago I shared that I was stocking a new yarn called 
Trap Art.....

This is a t shirt yarn and great for baskets and rugs.....I am now doing the Toowoomba Queens Park markets and it has been a real hit there..Do you use it? What have you made ?

I have also become a supplier of Darn Good Yarn.
This yarn is made from recycled saris from woman in India...

There is so many different yarns from Banana fibre, silk and chiffon to name a few.

We have been making every thing from Spring scarves to handbags to baskets.

I am even using it in my weaving.

Friday craft is a real time of stopping and enjoying other women's company and learning new skills.
I know this is my favourite day of the week.

Saturday saw me host a group of ladies from Toowoomba that came down for 
Coffee & Cake

I know I enjoyed having them and I am pretty sure they enjoyed all that is on offer here.
From feeding the sheep to sitting and enjoying a coffee.

This Sunday I am running a 
Soap making demonstration....
Things are busy here at 
The Old Dairy....

Have a great week and keep crafting.



  1. Mandy, you certainly are busy with all the markets, etc. I haven't been to the Queen's Park Markets for years. I should call in after church one Sunday as they aren't far away from there. That Tshirt yarn looks very interesting.

    1. I love the T Shirt yarn as it is so easy to work with....

  2. Good to see things going ahead for your market sales.