Friday, 26 June 2015

The Shed........

Hi ya
Last night I did my first night market....
The atmosphere was fantastic..

Not a lot of people out though because it was too cold...
Next month it will be from 2-6 which for winter I think is better.

Today the winter sun is bright.
I have tidied up the farm gate to attract passing traffic as the Dairy is back off the road ..

A change is always good.

Today we have cleaned out the shed at the back of the dairy

Taking a break it's hard work moving all this gear.
                                          Poor Bruce he has done most of the work for me.

Looking forward to showing you what we have done.
Mind you any thing will be better as it was so full of gear you 
just couldn't move in there, never mind show people stuff.

Enjoy your week end, we will be back at it tomorrow...

See Ya

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