Sunday, 21 June 2015

Market Day

This weekend saw us at the Ipswich Handmade markets.
The weather was perfect and sunny.

Lots of great stalls this month
and lots of people about.

See Blue dog sitting there minding the stall for me.

Each month is different, this time I sold lots of wall hangers and
scarves and a shawl but no candles. Hahaa last month I sold heaps of candles.
This is what I love you never know what is going to sell so I try to take a little of everything.

I hope you enjoyed your week end



  1. Hi andy, thanks for ordering the book and popping by the blog hope you enjoy it xx

    1. Mandy sorry...i'm falling asleep here mis hit the keys xx

    2. Looking forward to both books.....Thanks for dropping by...