Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Shed reveal.....

I am so amazed at what we have got done in the last week..

This Old Shed has had a major overhaul.
The area below is a outdoor kitchen, gravel floor and all.

Well with the help of our amazing Chek Republic backpackers it now has 
a new floor. These pavers are all being reused from another area that Micheal (below) pulled up as well.

To say I am happy with this is a understatement!!!!!
A outdoor kitchen somewhere for people to sit and have a cuppa....Also
This area is where I will be holding my Soap making classes, which will be starting here next week.

A nice big table to gather around for Friday Craft days..

Love the cool arrow I picked up and have hanging so people realise there 
is more out the back..

Remember last post and the mess in here?

Well it is a lot cleaner now.
Come in and have a look......

Bruce has put every-thing up on pellets....

You can now walk through here and see what is there.

Am I happy with what has been done...
Sure am
Thanks to a amazing Husband that takes my ideas and makes them a reality...

Till next 

1 comment:

  1. Wow, what a difference, isn't it great to have a useable inviting place instead of jumble and chaos.
    Chel would like to you now have craft on Fridays ?
    Hope the soap making classes go well, such an awesome, useful area.