Sunday, 26 April 2015

More Soap....

Not another soap post your saying...

I wanted to explain something to you that only really hit me last week.
As you know I have been doing markets now and there is often other
stalls there selling soaps as well.

 I have started looking a bit closer at these stalls and reading there signs.
Signs that say hand poured soaps....

That's when I realised that most soap sellers are not soap makers...
You see there is a melt and pour method and most off  the soaps I've seen
are using this method. You buy the soap block melt it down and then pour it into your mould..

Hand poured NOT hand made...
All my soaps are made from scratch, I measure all my oils out and blend them all together.

Yep I did just realise this...hahaha bit slow I know.

I love the method of making soap it's the best part I think. I love the new rose one I have just done that smells like Almond Milk..

 No more soap posts for a while I promise....

Have a great week 



  1. Mandy, I would love to know how you get those rose clever little vegemite! :-)

  2. I really like your posts about soap . Your soap is lovely .