Monday, 9 March 2015

Welcome to 
The Old Dairy 
this week.
Come in and see whats new.

Lots of new Jazz Bamboo yarn has arrived, I find
I am selling a lot of yarn as there is many craft ladies in the area.

I have all the bamboo in the basket.
$8 each
Lots of handmade patch work pot holders also.

More 100% cotton some large and smaller balls.
Lg $20 sm $8

I have also been busy painting every thing that doesn't move.
These little pineapples have been fun to experiment on.

The men's shaving soap is ready to sell.
I have them in little tins as it makes it easier to lather up.
$7 with tin or $5 for soap.

This week I am moving every thing around in the shop as in the last 2 weeks I have sold 2 table and chair sets and other furniture...
So there are a few gaps that need filling in, lucky I still have a shed full of furniture.

This week I have the Ma Ma Creek markets, I need to get in and make lots of candles as well.

I am sharing over at
Coastal Charm
Drop by and say hello.

Have a great week


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