Monday, 27 February 2017

Open Day......

This week we are looking at Garden Art here at 
The Old Dairy

Out the back we have lots of different garden art for sale.

Metal flowers $12 each

Tea cup bird feeders are $10

Want to make your own?
We have have plenty of old China out the back for $1 each
so you can have a go...

Mini glasshouses are $80 there are 2 styles to choose from...
We have a selection of windows as well $10 each

We also have lots of old pottery and wooden items for $2 each that would be great 
for planting succulents in.

Lots of old boxes and pots for the garden.

 We will also be opening the garden once a month...
The first Sunday of each month we will be having a open garden day...

That's right 
This Sunday.........

Hope to see you then...

Mandy & Cassy

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Lets get Crafty..

Did you know that here at
The Old Dairy
we also sell a small range of yarn...

Our latest range is the Sweet Rolls which are proving very popular.

Also some amazing American and UK knitting and crochet books.
$20- $35

Below is some of craft items we have for sale made from the Sugar and Cream yarns.

We have the large cones $35 and the smaller balls $9..
The cones are harder to get so you have to be quick for them.

Then we have our Trap Art which is a t-shirt yarn and can be used from every thing from baskets
to mats.
$24 each
3 or more $21 each

We also stock crochet hooks and knitting needles to go with them.
From $2

 We also have weaving kits and lots of different mediums to weave with.
Kits $45

So see we are not just about vintage here...So why not come down and check out
our ever growing yarn barn..

We even have a craft group that meets every Friday Morning from 
We will be starting a night time one on a Friday night as well.

Until next time Happy crafting...

Mandy & Cassy