Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Lets get Crafty..

Did you know that here at
The Old Dairy
we also sell a small range of yarn...

Our latest range is the Sweet Rolls which are proving very popular.

Also some amazing American and UK knitting and crochet books.
$20- $35

Below is some of craft items we have for sale made from the Sugar and Cream yarns.

We have the large cones $35 and the smaller balls $9..
The cones are harder to get so you have to be quick for them.

Then we have our Trap Art which is a t-shirt yarn and can be used from every thing from baskets
to mats.
$24 each
3 or more $21 each

We also stock crochet hooks and knitting needles to go with them.
From $2

 We also have weaving kits and lots of different mediums to weave with.
Kits $45

So see we are not just about vintage here...So why not come down and check out
our ever growing yarn barn..

We even have a craft group that meets every Friday Morning from 
We will be starting a night time one on a Friday night as well.

Until next time Happy crafting...

Mandy & Cassy

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